MM – Heroine of the Sea

CCCC Valencia, Spain

“MM – Heroine of the sea” is an art installation as part of the exhibition RESET Mar Menor in the CCCC, Valencia Spain.

MM – Heroine of the sea” will be breaking the waves, rising from the depths and cleaning the sea. Her super power will bring fish and plants back to life. To be part of this energy operation you are invited to consume all the products produced to sponsor her campaign. Believing in her fiction can motivate you and make you part of her revolution. If you want to stop crying over the damage of the past and erase everything with tears of joy, join the MM move

MM – Heroine of the sea” is the imaginary protagonist of a manga film, set in the crisis landscape of the Mar Menor. Advertising posters for the film announce its imminent arrival on local billboards, as well as a whole series of advertisements related to merchandising products associated with this fiction. All of this represents the contemporary urge to consume ourselves to become fictional idols.

“MM – Heroine of the sea” is ultimately an avatar located in a fantasy world that is presented as projections of ourselves. Consuming and being consumed is a game that wears down our identity ecology but also discredits our operations towards territories such as the Mar Menor. Our ability to erode pollutes flows, intentions and landscapes.

“MM – Heroine of the sea”a character between fantasy and illusion is presented within this context as the saviour that will clean the pollution generated by today’s society.

Being MM is becoming a universal heroine, the protagonist of a new move.

The art project was developed under the research and art production open call “RESET Mar Menor. LABORATORIOS DE IMAGINARIOS PARA UN PAISAJE EN CRISIS”.

FAN is a low drink on Phosphates (F), Ammonia (A) and Nitrates (N). All of them fastfood for the algae of the Mar Menor, where the fattening generates a green and dense soup that does not let the sun pass at the bottom of the salty lagoon, causing the death of flora and fauna.

“MM-Heroine of the Sea” – promotional posters of the fictional film as a way of introducing the Heroine and the desire of consumption.

MAGIC Card Game ” MM-Heroine of the Sea” – Custom cards for the MAGIC card game as a way of creating the MM World on fantasy, but real.